Just curious if z axis wobble/flex is to be expected? With my hands at either end of the z axis I can tilt the z axis about 1mm in both x and y. I’ve tried tighening some different bolts to fix it but to no luck.

I recently had some issues cutting so trying to diagnose the problem.

When using Kiri:moto the 50mm test squares i’m cutting are coming out at 52mm, but square and nicely cut.

When using estlcam the squares are coming out around 49mm on each side, but pretty bad cut.

Both were cut with rough and finish cuts.

I use my mpcnc outside and I’m wondering if the recent hot weather is maybe causing the mini-rambo to skip steps?

Whoever finds themselves reading this I’d appreciate any advice, or if you’ve experienced a similar issue how you fixed it.

Best, Sam.

What speed how thick of a finishing pass, ID and OD same issue or opposite?

There is no difference between programs other than the setting you use so something is notr right, Small on one and large on the other is suggesting settings errors.

No. skipped steps are dramatic and you would have to be working in an oven to effect a properly set board. Speaking of, what are you using for hardware and build size, and pictures?

Every single machine ever flexes, the force it takes to flex is the difference, rigidity. So a 5’ machine will flex a ton less that a 5" machine. You need to give more specifics and do not use your hand. You could be applying 30lbs of force or 3 ounces and would not know the difference, you push until it moves.


All in all I say your CAM is off how does my crown Gcode look?

The size of the work area is 54cmx54cmx7cm. I’m using a maktia trim router with 1/8 inch single flute bit.

I was running the spindle at speed 3 about 17000 rpm for the previous cuts, in an attempt to disarm the neighbours…

I just tried running some more test cuts at a higher rpm (22000) and shallower DOC and slower feedrate and the dragging of the router bit was fixed. Both estlcam and kirimoto produced clean edges.

However the estlcam cut was bang on 50mm square, and the kirimoto with the same CAD came out 51.5mm square. I noticed that kirimoto was cutting clockwise while estlcam anticlockwise. It’s too late to cut now but I’ll try cutting a kirimoto anticlockwise tomorrow, also at max rpm (sorry again neighbors).

I also took a video of the router showing the dragging snapping back into place at the end of layer cut, but won’t upload at thats solved now.

Hmmm, climb vs conventional milling. Make sure anything you are trying to measure has a finishing pass, as trying to measure something that has been cut with a slotting operation is bound to be off by a bit.

Also with something simple like a square you can directly compare the gcode to see if they are both making equal sized cuts (tiny bit of math). That could narrow down a machine issue vs a CAM issue.

I found my user error! I’ve only just started using finishing passes and I was setting the leave stock and finish step over to different values in kiri moto. I didn’t mention before but all my internal dimensions were pretty good. Ooops

I was cutting out some enclosures to repurpose some old android phones into smart clocks with google now for the house.


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