Z Axis Wobble

While trying to cut some flat spots on an aluminum RC axle I notice that the z axis would deflect about 1-2mm on x and y. It looks like the conduit for the z axis isn’t making contact with all the bearing, thus allowing it to wobble. How do I fix this? Do I need to reprint the z axis and shrink the parts by 1% or 2%?

FAQ’s - Take the center apart and put it back together.

I also have a question about some wobble that has developed on my Z axis. Last night I went to do some work and found that the XYZ Part looks to have opened up. It looks to have come from the weight of the Dewalt 660 sitting on the end of the Z tool plate. I have a short video of the problem.

The question is has anyone else had this problem and how do I fix it?



Same as above.

Take it apart and put it back together.

Make sure your z axis is parallel and you can put on Z mount at the top and slide one all the way down to the tool mount to make sure you do not have it twisted. Everything is s interference fit that should not happen even with zero tension on the tension bolts.

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