z axis z lower bracket bearing

Does the bearing suppose to fit tightly inside the z lower bracket? I printed mine and the bearing sit very loosely in it.

It should be snug yes. Are your screw holes and conduit openings too large as well? Print up one of the many calibration cubes on thingiverse to test

Printing for 25mm conduit. Checked the stl file and i found that the diameter for the bearing is 22.5mm. diameter for conduit also seems to be 25.4mm. my print has the exact same diameter

What letter did you download, J or F?

The conduit holes should only be over sized by .2mm.

downloaded the F version.

Well congrats, It seems like you have the first printer ever to print perfect dimensions. I have never had the too loose problem on the forums yet. Almost every single one is too tight.

You are probably going to need to scale the parts a tiny bit If it is too loose for you. Most printers print .2-.4mm tight.

What printer and slicer are you using?

using blomker prusa i3 and printing directly with cura

i’ve noticed my printer print holes dimension more accurately when using cura, but smaller holes diameter when using Slic3r. since then i’ve always print using cura