Z drilled pipes

Hello I just recently ordered a set of 25mm parts and started the build. So far so good.
A friend of mine cut and drilled the pipes for me.They are inox, 25mm OD, 1,5mm thickness.
The issue I have is that the holes have been drilled on both sides of the tubes (see-thru holes). Will the rollers on the XYZ part go over the hole?
If so then I have to redo the pipes…correct ?

Just make sure there’s no burrs on the holes, shouldn’t make a difference.

Well, the holes are laser cut and very nicely done.looks smooth to me.
The bearings are 7mm height, I had the holes 5mm in diameter.
I’ll cross fingers when mounting it…


They will go over the holes but could cause binding and will probably cause artifacts in the work.

I guessed so. I will re-do the holes then.Can probably rotate the pipes a little and find a good spot, the bearings are 120° apart so…

You can also just flip them over. Holes on top won’t bother anything, mine have them from when I rebuilt my cnc.