Z issues

Whats going on. I just updates my ramps and my Z is all out of wack. I tell it the depth is 6.5mm thick.

I messure what it thinks is 6.5mm and it comes out to 1.5mm…


So lost


Without any information I am going to guess you have an allthread Z axis and did not change the Z axis steps per mm. to match your board, step rate, drivers, etc.

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it is all-thread, its what you provided in the hardware kit. what are do I need to go to fix that?


Open the firmware, change the third number to this.


[attachment file=99208]

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ive never messed with programming. I have it plugged in and pulled it up. And went to line 642 but its not matching up. What am i missing?


should I change them all?



No, just the third one. They correspond to X Y Z, only your Z is different.

now I get “exit status 1” when I try to upload the new file.

Re-download or unzip a fresh copy. Make sure you only change that one number.

So I have the firmware updated and working. Is there a value I need to change on the Z-axis in Eslcam or I should be good now?


You can test it by following the site instructions, move the axis a know amount with repetier host, and measure it.