Z motor mount dimensions (IE edition)


Help please: I need to make a bigger Z motor mount to accommodate a 2nd Arduino, 4 H-Bridges and maybe a MAX485.

Can anybody tell me the dimensions of the triangle formed by the center of the three holes: Ztubes + Screw?

1 is 71.074mm, as per Vicious. The other is?

Thanks in advance,

If you want to mount things to a moving part of the machine the Z tower is the worst place to do it. You should mount to the center assembly instead.

When asking for dimensions you need to specify what Version machine you are using and I can help you out easier.

Sorry version IE 525.

Yes I understand you V. The reason for mounting on top of Z is because this machine will have a lot of weight at bottom, up to 8 hot-ends which is unbalanced and tends to incline when accelerating on X-Y.

I know physics and some mass on top would act as an counterweight, more or less effective depending of the Z-Pos. But also afraid of inducing to much radial (shaking) forces on Z-bearings.

If you maintain your opinion i’ll go your way :slight_smile:

I just think it’s best not to have wires pulling on it, Don’t worry to much about a counter balance.

Thanks V!