Z movements speed

I’m learning CAM… I’ve started with fusion 360, as is a very complete software… but have problems with generated gcode, specifically with “uncharged” Z movements, where no Feedrate is specified, and when my mpcnc try to do them bad things happens (arduino reset, steps loss, etc).

So I start to try Estlcam, and I have the same issues. Some Z movements are done at “undefined” feedrates, that are ok for X and Y, but to high for Z. Changed G00 to G01 and added “repeat” in the F parameter in the setup solve partialy, but still some Z movements without explicit F…

This is not a new issue, as I’ve read some other posts about this problem in the forum, but I don’t know how to solve it.

Should marlin firmware don’t have to limit the speed?
Do I have another problem in my new mpcnc?


Try the new firmware, it fixes some of this. Also update your estlcam. I made a cut yesterday and I think it is gone. I was cutting a piece that had holes and pockets, some of the holes would trigger painfully slow moves after them. With the updates it worked perfectly. I believe it was mostly a firmware issue, yes the CAM software should not ask it to move too fast but the firmware should have absolutely minimized it it didn’t

Thanks Vicious. I’m using the last stable estlcam version (9.018)… Are you using the beta version 9.028?

I’m in marlin 1.1.0 RC8 already.

No here is what I used yesterday.

I think I’ve found the problem. My arduino resets when I send any Z movement without feedrate. My marlin max feedrate for Z was in 7.8 mm/seg… lowered to 7.5 and sometimes resets, sometimes works. Leave it at 7 mm/s. Now, I can run gcode without edit it from Estlcam and Fusion 360!

I found you will get the arduino resetting if you ask for it too go faster than the firmware maxes too many times. If you use repetier and send it the command for z axis movement back and forth at 20 mm/s it will eventually reset, it will go one or two times then it will reset. It is a good indicator of bad Gcode.

Up to now, with 7 mm/seg it’s rock solid.