Z not Homing to ZMIN_Endstop

Howdy All,

I spend some time trying to troubleshoot this issue w/ Z axis not homing to Z_Min endstop, but cant find the issue w/ my config. The Z axis moves in the right direction either to Homing or to moving direction +/- with controller, but the Z home command won’t lower the axis till it triggers Zmin_endstop. To illustrate a bit, once I fire Z home command, Z Axis moves down a little bit, then stops, bump up and go back to that first stop. Just as it does if it had hit the Z mechanical endstop. If I keep sending Z home command, it goes on down keeping the same patten. Cant anyone look at my config and give me a light on this. Thank you in advance.

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reply TEST to my post… I am seeing many newer posts getting help. Dunno if mine isnt good for any reason…

Without and switches being pressed, send m119 to the machine and copy paste the results. Also (I’m on my phone so i can’t look at your config), what firmware are you using and did you modify it?

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Then send m119 again while holding down your zmin switch .

Which controller board are you using? Did you check that the wire is in the correct place?

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hi Daniel,

It’s a week ago old version Marlin 2.0. I did modify it to my board MKS Gen_L 2.1. I did test M119 prior to this post and everything is triggered when home except Z that is always open. Before I had in config. (Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING false , ) and Z was always triggered. Thank you for replying.