Z Nut Trap alignment issues

Started with my build the other day, and figured it’d be best to start with the Middle Assembly as that looked like the trickiest part of the build. So, I’ve got my middle assembly all together, but I’ve got an issue I can see on the horizon… It appears to be that I won’t have enough clearance with the nut trap and the threaded rod.

I figure I can possibly put some spacer shims behind the nut trap to space it out enough to clear the bearings, but am worried about the alignment then with the Z motor mount threaded rod connection then being out of alignment, or quite possibly being put into alignment where it might be otherwise badly out of alignment as shown by the threaded rod not being able to cleanly thread through both sides of the nut trap pas the bearings.

I don’t know what I might have screwed up. The printing of the parts went quite well… the Middle Z Rigid prints with support were successful on my first try even. Having never printed a part where THAT much of the model required support, I was quite anxious to see how the first three layers went once it reached that part of the print… but it worked like a charm.

Anyway, I’d welcome any sage advise or feedback. I know this is looking down the horizon at what might be an issue… but I’m guessing I’m not likely the first to see this potential snag, even if I wasn’t able to easily find some similar post on the forum about it. I did try looking.

In the future you should change your support to lines or larger columns, should make it work a little smoother.

How thick are your bolt heads, and you are not using washer under them correct?

Roger that. I’ll change my support style.

Bolt head thickness is 215 thou. no washer, with bolt heads oriented as per assembly photos from the site.

I’m printing the 11mm nut trap now, as well as the Z motor mount and rigid coupler. Hoping these Texas lightening storms stay at bay long enough to allow me to complete the print… power was fluctuating all morning.

Yeah, power outages and 3D printers are a huge bummer, It has happened here 2 times to me…While running 6 printers. Instantly loose at least 20hours if not way more.

Bolt heads aren’t the issue. Hopefully you just had the wrong nut lock. If not, double check to see if all your files are from the same version. A few times people have printed a few IE parts for the US version.