Z rod nut holder assembly. PLUS CRASH VIDEO :)

so in literally the waning minutes of my first major project (chess board) my z axis slammed in to the wood, the bit dug in, so did the collet, and pretty much ruined it.

so my z nut holder broke.

My question…

Which side does the z nut holder opening face? I had the CLOSED end on the downward side (closest the print) and that nut just shredded the inside of that thing and then it came toppling down.

What is the right way to install that thing?


OUCH!!! That was painful just to watch!

I believe the open face is downward, that way gravity will keep everything in check. I may be wrong, as I have only built a 3D printer so far.

Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in.

yes, i researched and found some posts etc that the open is down. I re printed my shelled out z nut holder with 100% infill this time, and it appears to be rock solid in there now.
so once i get a moment ill re start this thing.
Luckily it isnt too bad, i just had to go in to inventor and take my border from .75 inches to .37 inches, and i should be able to salvage this board.

that is unless there are more issues :slight_smile: