Z Steps

Hey there,


i´m using the standard firmware and just noticed that all my cuts are around 1,6mm too deep.


Any idea on this?


I tried using the reprap step calculator but i´m not quite sure if my Z Axis is really running 32th stepping?

Standard Setting is 788.

Using a 2mm Pitch Leadscrew


Any ideas on this?

I´m not able to recreate the 788 step Settings on the Calculator.


Thank you!

What board/drivers?

1.6mm too deep on what total depth?

Well 32nd stepping would be 800 steps but some screws seemed to be 788 instead, I might have found out why so the new firmware is 800 but that is not your problem, that will actually make it go deeper.

Total Depth was 11mm


Board is Ramps 1.4 and the drivers you suggested

What drivers and what voltage do you have them set at?

Did you face the material and then do the cut, or did you just do a cut and it was too deep, because you could very easily start 1.6mm too deep initially, or the work could just be not level and one side is deep than the other.

Some more details how this was done and measured or some pictures, you aren’t really giving enough information for me to do anything other than guess. Measure multiple locations around you pocket/cut and see if they are ll 1.6mm off or not.

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Hey there again!


Thanks for your answer.

I’ll re measure tomorrow when I’m in the shop.


I always zero the bit above the workpiece with a piece of paper. Make sure it’s running a little bit on the paper and then start cutting.


Will give some measurements and Futher detail tomorrow when in shop.

Installed new firmware and now it seems to be accurate.

Think i must have misconfigured something :slight_smile: