Z wiring path

So I’m running wires today and everything is making sense as I pull through the center tubes for X and Y axis. Then I look at the center gantry and it’s wires… It looks like pretty much everywhere I could run the wires is liable to get hung up as things move around and the Frame instructions don’t seem to address it. Am I missing something in the instructions or do I need a sky hook to hang the wires on.? :slight_smile:

I expect the same issue again when I switch from a mill head to a 3D print head, but once I know what to do for one It should work for the other.

There’s a couple ways to do it. One is use the “hang it from the ceiling” which is what I do. The other is to use a cable chain with one end attached to the z assembly, and the other attached to one side of your x axis. Look through the builds thread and you’ll see some examples.

Drag chain from Amazon and some scrap gutter cover (I think)

I have been looking, I know there was a thread were we all posted our z axis wires, but I can’t find it.

Mine is just in PET wire sleeve and the natural curl keeps it out of the way. Zip tied to the roller plate and the gantry xyz.

Yeah, I figured there would be a thread, but couldn’t find it either.

The drag chain looks interesting. I might have a suitable aluminum angle that I could set in there. It looks like the drag chains mostly come in 1 meter lengths so I just have to decide how wide and how deep. :slight_smile:

This one looks nifty too…