Z won't move

I just got to the point of first movement today. X and y went great, but z doesn’t want to move. The motor moves when disconnected from the pineapple, and if I assist the movement it will spin, but on its own, it just skips. I confirmed it is not spinning inside the pineapple without it moving. I have my 8225 drivers at 1v, and from what I’m reading, it seems like I shouldn’t go much higher. I tried it on all of the drivers with the same result.

It does take some effort to move z by hand. Is there something I need to adjust to make it easier to move? Maybe some lube? Can I take the driver to a higher voltage?

That is giving your stepper 2A, if you are not using my steppers they probably can’t handle that for long. I run them at .7V max. You will need active cooling as well or your driver will go into thermal shutdown.

Now for your problem. What version Z axis are you using? No, anti backlash correct? The z axis should move extremely easily no signs of binding what so ever. You have binding somewhere, Probably crappy to hear but You are probably going to have to take the center and Zaxis apart and do it again. Make sure everything is aligned properly.

I’m using all the new parts for 3/4" EMT. Not sure what you mean by anti backlash. Sounds like I have some disassembly to start. …and stepper drivers to adjust further.