Z Zero Touch Plate

Ran across a video today that implemented a Z Zero Touch Plate. Is this something that our control board can utilize and if so how to hook up. Yup- newbie. sigh. Sorry!

It’s a more “advanced” thing to do, but it can be done. You can attach the ground to the plate and connect the Z min endstop connector to the bit (with an alligator clip). Then it’s just a problem of software. You can verify it’s working with the M119 command. Then you can home with a ‘G28 Z’ or there are other gcodes for doing mesh leveling haven’t done it personally, except with 3D printing, so I won’t guess how to do this with CNC. After you home Z, you have to remove the offset from the thickness of your Z plate with a G92 command.

TL;DR: Yes, our hardware can support this.

Yeah basic switch, or a crude alligator clip and some foil to the Z endstop. For the most part it really isn’t needed until you start doing tool changes.

Here is some gcode for G probing. https://www.v1engineering.com/milling-basics/

Okay very cool. Thank you both! I do a lot of 3d printing and the bed leveling, z axis stuff is just a pain. Being able to set the z axis easily on a piece of large wood would be rather cool. BUT- first things first. Get it built :). Pipe hopefully here next week.