ZenXY build in Missouri

Parts printed. Although I have way too many projects going on, I am still working on this a little at a time. If I could only find my extra bearings that were left over from my MPCNC build. I know I have two sleeves of them still unpacked. I have the pipe and most of the hardware. If I can get the LinuxCNC set up, I’ll use that or the tinyG. I’ve been wanting to do something like this way back after seeing the original sisyphus table.

Will order belts and pulleys and other parts when I find those bearings and extra hardware.



Are you saying you will run linuxcnc on your zxy?

Isn’t that kind of like setting up a big-block V-8 on your riding lawnmower when you live in midtown Manhattan?

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I’m going to try. I think that would be a good exercise in getting all the configurations correct. So far in just getting the breakout board and the cncshield working for the motors was a major accomplishment. Now getting their steps and directions tweaked for the right velocity and acceleration will be a fun challenge. I assume it is possible.

Since I am down to 1 DRV8825, I will plug in three A4988s that I have and see how that goes. I hope I don’t blow them up again.

Yes, it’s overkill, but the simple setup will help me figure out the complexity of LinuxCNC for the next build. And LinuxCNC can power all kinds of systems, like robots arms and such, so in the long run I’d like to explore some of these things.


I will welcome my “hillbilly” robot overlords… :wink:

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Is there a standard corexy setting, or is there a configurable equation for each motor, like motor A is 0.7x - 0.7y?