ZenXY morphing to SCARA

I currently have a ZenXY2 (CoreXY) machine that uses BDring’s TMC2209 Pen Laser V2.0 controller board and Grbl ESP32 firmware. If my memory is correct, I just selected the “tmc2209_pen_laser.h” machine when compiling the firmware and I was pretty much good to go. I would now like to use that same controller board in a SCARA polar arrangement using the gcode output by Sandify (polar machine). Can anyone offer any guidance on how to configure GRBL to make this work?

The SCARA output from sandify assumes all the responsibility for kinematics. The firmware doesn’t know it is a SCARA. You would configure grbl as a regular XY machine, with the shoulder as X and the elbow as Y.

There are some assumptions. Not every SCARA set up will work. Check out the wiki:

Got it. I used the same “tmc2209_pen_laser.h” machine and just commented out the “CoreXY.cpp” custom code file name. It seems to be working on the benchtop. I hope to have the SCARA mechanics assembled later this week.

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I completed my SCARA arm and I now have everything working as intended. I designed a slightly smaller version of @woobag 's arm using his Thingiverse STEP file as a reference. I wanted to make a table top machine so for me smaller is better. I did make a few rookie mistakes that may help others. I was not aware that some settings in GRBL require a power cycle to take affect. I needed to change a stepper motor direction and I couldn’t get it done using the settings. I ultimately physically switched one pair of motor wires to change the direction. I then discovered the need to perform a power cycle and that solved that. I also incorrectly assumed that just by selecting the polar machine type in sandify that I would get the desired SCARA output. I completely missed the “export as” drop down selector. Once I got that sorted out all was good. Now I need to design a circular enclosure. That should be easier for me. I’ll post the finished product at some point in the “Your Builds” area of the forum.