ZenXY purchase parts


I am a bit confouse to order the part. I want the zenxy

can you please help me to select the part I need ?
I don’t know if I need the mini Rambo ?
what printing 3d parts I need ?
any additionial items ?
LCD I would like also…

please help to provide one Kit with everything to build it… power supply, driver, 3d parts, screws…bearings, all exept the pipes !


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You should probably move this to the ZenXY forum category to get a better answer. Your subject mentions the LowRider but you posted it in the MPCNC category. All 3 are different machines (ZenXY, LowRider, and MPCNC).

I moved your post, and edited the title to reflect that this is for the ZenXY.

This is a question for @vicious1. I don’t think he sells the Zen printed parts. This machine is very much a project, not so much a product.

I do not sell kits for this as it is completely custom for every single build.

All the parts are listed here, https://docs.v1engineering.com/zenxy/

At this time I do not have the capacity to sell printed parts, but hope to as soon as I expand the print farm.

Tagging along here, If I understand the belt routing Belt length = approximately 4 * X tube length + 4 * Y tube length plus a little extra?

Sounds right to me.

Actually it is the Lowride !

So correct me if I am wrong:
I ordered the Rambo , 3d part, lowride bundle (25.4), 12v power supply.
The wood, I will make it here.
Is there anything missing ? e.g. the cables or connectors for the Rambo?