ZenXY table legs

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I’ve got a question about the actual table building.

I’m planning on using side mounted legs to maximize space under the table for the ZenXY hardware. I really like the look of the example table in the ZenXY build documentation. Link

I cannot figure how those legs are mounted to the rest of the table?? I know the mounting needs to be strong as the table top is reasonably heavy.
Does anyone know how it’s done? Or have an idea of how to do it well? I suppose it may be obvious, but I’m not a super experienced woodworker. :slight_smile:

I guess if you see this Ryan I’d love to know how you mounted/supported the main table body to the legs.

Thanks in advance!!

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That belongs to @vicious1. I can only guess.

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The legs are screwed and glued here.

The glass sits directly on that, the wood above that is just a 1/2" x 1/2" frame that the next glass sits on.

Under it is just a strip to mount to.


That is very helpful!
So normal pine board with wood screws and glue is plenty strong enough?
I am just, probably unnecessarily, concerned about the wood splitting under the weight.

I think I have Poplar, but the weight is no big deal. More like the kids around here pushing off on the tall bar table to scoot the chairs out. But so far so good, nothing is even loose.


That’s great to hear. I’m gonna move forward with this plan.
Thanks Ryan!

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Did you use pocket screw to make the legs? Or just glue?

Wood at right angles like that is incredibly strong. I have some 3/4" plywood tables made in a similar way and I am pretty sure it could hold a fish tank.

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That was just glue and a couple pin nails.

I have a 120gallon Planet Aquarium tank. It is around 1000lbs. The factory stand is all plywood. There is not any demendional lumber in the stand. It has held for 5 years so far.


Beautiful :heart_eyes:

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