ZenXY tmc2130… is stealthchop enabled?

I have been swamped at work lately, and got lazier than normal setting up my zenxy2. So I just loaded up the default hex file and haven’t even wrangled the parts together on a table yet. Doing a test run with the steppers sitting on my bench the steppers seem a bit loud, hence the question. I also am using sandify defaults which are 20 for Vmax… mm/sec?

Which controller? I would not be surprised if the tmcs in the skr config are set for loud cnc work and not for quiet zen work.

I don’t know what this means.

Never mind lol, I was way off about the default speed or any speed from sandify… checked gcode and no speed statements contained. I also am pretty sure I just adapted the zenxy config and compiled the same version of Marlin. I forgot a bunch this week; been a stressful stretch of work this month.

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No worries. I just didn’t understand the question.