ZenXY V2 build [Essex, VT]

While building an MPCNC Primo I came accross the ZenXY V2 and decided to throw in the hardware kit along with some of my other components when ordering from V1. Printed the parts in Overture PETG on my Prusa MK3S. This was a spool of filament that I was not fond of color-wise so I used it up for this project, since the parts will be hidden under the table. The parts were printed a couple months ago and I finally got around to the assembly. This seems to be where the docs end, so I will be digging in to the forum here to find all the the next steps. I picked up a Keyestudio RAMPS 1.4 + MEGA board and TMC2208 drivers and printed this enclosure.


Yeah, Ryan is a little behind in the docs for this, but I didn’t find it difficult to figure out. Looks like you’ve got it pretty much sorted there.