ZenXY V2 kit?

Any news on when a complete kit for the ZenXY V2 will be out? I’m very interested in building the sand zen table, and your setup looks great. It would be wonderful to have a complete package that I could order.


There is a kit for the mechanical parts and the optical limit switches in the V1 shop. Link below. You will also need to buy the required amount of belt from the V1 shop. I do not believe the printed parts are sold in a kit however. Is this where the problem arises for you?

Additionally, you will need to get a control board of your choice and two 76 oz-in stepper motors.

Matt, thank you for your quick reply. I can 3d print the parts, so that isn’t the issue. After hours and hours of reading different types of setups for this project I got myself a bit confused. I was thinking I needed to order rails from here too. I now remember that this uses conduit for its rails. That being said I am somehow missing what size conduit to use. Do you know what size condiut I need for the ZenXY V2?

One other question, any input on a good/cheap/quiet controller I should use?


You need 2 sizes. 3/4" for Y and 1/2" for X.

You can have cheap, quiet and good. Pick 2.

I ran mine on a good old fashioned RAMPS with DRV8825s and found it acceptable, but I have kind of a high noise floor in my living room. I also used one of Bart Dring’s 2209 pen/laser controllers in CoreXY mode, which works well. Ryan has a config for that with a custom homing sequence that works great with the Zen table. That’s probably one of the most affordable “good” and “quiet” boards that I’ve seen, because it only has the 2 motor drivers, but that’s all that you need.

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I second Dan’s comments. The ramps 1.4 board is my board of choice for something like this. I used TMC2209 drivers and they are about as quiet as it gets. You will still hear mechanical and robotic-like noises, that is just something you cannot get rid of, at least to my knowledge. It would be nice to have a completely silent machine of course.

The Bart Dring board also has a wifi server in it. If you were considering adding a pi, it gets considerably cheaper.

Wow, that Bart Dring board looks perfect! I’ve done a good amount of 3d printing, but as far as putting the electronics together I’m very much new to all of this. That being said, I’m excited to get a build list together and give it a go.

Jeff, just a quick follow up to clarify. You said if I was considering adding a pi using the Bart would get considerable cheaper. If I understand you correctly it would be cheaper using the Bart controller because I would no longer need the pi… is that right?

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That’s correct. The Bart Dring board has a built-in web front end to grbl that you can use to upload gcode and run it.

This is all in theory for me still, as I just ordered one of his boards for myself, but it has not come in yet. :slight_smile:

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Yep. That’s what I’m saying.

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Perfect! Gonna try to put together a full parts list so I can start building one of these tables. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions, but with this info I at least have enough to get me started. Thanks again!

Unfortunately it’s back to the drawing board. The Bart Dring board is out of stock, and he doesn’t know when he will get more.