ZLeadNut holes spacing?

I need to know the spacing between the two mounting holes of the ZLeadNut part, Sketchup freezes when trying to import the STL file.

Importing “Y_plate.dxf” into Sketchup gives me 40.5mm, I’m not sure if that’s correct or not.

Yes 40.5mm

Thank you, I wasn’t sure if I could trust Sketchup with the DXF imports.

I’m planning to use my tiny desktop CNC to cut the panels for my LowRider CNC, so I’m trying to compact things up in the design as much as possible.

Have you started cutting yet? I have a new version that looks to be working out, coming soon.

My suggestion for cutting it is just get the interior features cut and drilled, the outer stuff you can do by hand. None of the outer edges should be fussy about dims.

I have printed some panels on paper and I won’t be able to compact things like I first thought.

I have not started cutting the panels yet, but I printed the 3D parts a few weeks ago.

How different is the new version? Can you give us a few details?

When I start making parts I will share the details, right now things change hourly.

Is it only new panels or also new 3D-printed parts?

I’m asking because I’m wondering if I should go ahead and cut the panels since I already printed all the parts for the current version. As you can see, it took most of the filament spools I had left to print all the parts so I’d like to avoid printing new parts.

On the upside, I’ll probably be the only person with a white-silver-brown-yellow LowRider CNC.

Might as well finish it. I still don’t have an ETA for the new one and all parts will be replaced as far as I can tell.

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