1/4 plywood or mdf?

Getting ready to build one for me and one for my nephew. was goofing around with 1/4 plywood today and it seems really flimsy. what did you use for the frame?

Edited my reply: didn’t realize this is the MP3DP forum so it was completely unrelated.

Quarter ply should be okay. The side pieces will stiffen it up.

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You might want to cut 2 extra front and back pieces, those are a bit flimsy, bad design sorry…
I used mdf but ply should be cool as well.

No need to be sorry, i cant wait to put them together! That way my kids will stop bugging me to print stuff on mpcnc. Thanks for all the cool designs and sharing them with us. Might just have to do a low rider after these printers are done.

I used 1/4" MDF, but I recently recut the front and back in 1/2" ply. Makes a big difference. I also made the base, and I think the next weakest spot is probably the upper left and right corners. I was thinking I might just cut corner pieces like 3" down each side from 1/4" material.

It’s all a bit not picky, the thing printed functional parts right away.

doubling up the front and back made a huge difference with my cheap plywood. I have a good sheet of 1/2 Im going to use for the second one.

I’m going to put a piece of angle aluminum (because I have it already) at the base of the front and back. Mine is acrylic and there’s a definite bow.

How did you cut your MDF? Did you use your MPCNC with a router? If so what kinda bit did you use? I’m thinking of using 1/2" MDF with the Melamine (white) finish in order to avoid painting.

I made a 1/2 inch build. If you do this youll need to counter bore the top screws for the feet in the y direction. If not your thumb screws will hit them.

And actually i just ordered two large 1/2 cutting board from amazon for my new build.

Wood, or HDPE?


How did the cutting boards turn out? I was going to buy some HDPE sheets but maybe cutting boards would be cheaper?