100 ohm resistor

Hey guys im building a mpcnc right now and im wondering, why do i need the 100ohm resistor and/or would it work with a 220 ohm one?
I’ve heard that you don’t need it if you are only planning to use it as a cnc router (which i am), and that you can just change something in the marlin firmware.

220 won’t work, pretty sure unless you change the thermistor value in the firmware. I think it would read too high of a temp.

The firmware change is easy, under thermister we have number 11, you just change it to a zero I believe and reflash it. There are actually notes in the firmware file. You might also need to disable temp checking in repetier if you do this.

Thanks for the fast reply, i will test the firmware change. Better than buying a set of resistors.

Sorry for being lazy and not looking at the firmware, I was having my first cup of coffee.
You can change this line
#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 11

To either 0 (not used) or the new firmware has a 998 (always show 25C) 998 would be best!

It’s ok I completely understood your first reply.

Not 100 ohm.
100,000 ohm (100K).

I used a plug from one of the stepper driver cables and soldered the resistor to the shortened wires, a bit fiddly but better than soldering directly to the header pins on the board.

But the firmware isn’t that scary to adjust, if you prefer.