100W multitool does 12mm Multiplex & more

I’m still waiting for my ER11 collets to arrive from China for my Makita clone.

However, the 1/8" milling bits fit into my “Dremel-like” multitool which is just 100W.

I printed this fan for an 395 Dremel from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3401317/files

to make it fit for mine I printed it 15% larger, a drop of superglue, and it does a awesome job.

I use Estlcam with Trochoidal milling, go two passes @7mm, unfortunately my milling bit is just 12 mm, otherwise one pass would have been enough.

It looks a bit weird, but in fact, I just use a couple of door stoppers to put on as weight, and a card board as wasteboard. So far just working fine.







Hey that is my fan design! glad you like it!