2 Requests

I’d like to see 2 things on this site.

  1. Links to 3D Print models for add-ons. Especially the LCD display that is sold through this site. I just finished printing one from Thingiverse that I thought was for it, but it wasn’t quite right.

  2. A “Showing Off” section in the forums. I think we should display things that we have made with our machines.

The “Builds and Things Built” or something like that section is exactly what you want in request 2.

A link to a LCD case or control panel file to be cut would be nice.

I agree builds and things built, I can rename it if you think I should.

On the shop page for the screen I link to my screen box on thingiverse, and it is found under my things on thingiverse as well as a bunch of others from other people.

Good to know about the screen box link.

I must have missed the LCD cover link.

As far as the builds and things built, I am familiar with it but it seems to be more about builds and things built for one’s builds.

Things built is for what people make with their machines, but most people don’t post anything about their things built. I wish they did, because looking at a bunch of 24x24 MPCNCs is getting boring. I want to see what they can make!

Agreed. I haven’t exactly “made” anything cool yet other than my build. Other than making a few poster signs for our Cub Scout parade float, I have only done a couple of tests and a sign for my space. That will change eventually.

Yea, builds and things built, should be separate sections. “Shit I built” would be an awesome section, but you know, kids… I’ve posted a few things I’ve built though.

For me its more like “4th try is a charm” or “Sh*t I tried to build a few times but I’m only gunna show you the good one”

I have been working on a cool little LCD case I hope to put up tomorrow, fingers crossed. I am at literally the 5th try…but the next one is gunna be perfect, hahaha yeah right.


Yea, I have a pile of “well that didn’t work” plywood under my chopsaw now. So far my biggest issue is getting the zero back to where it’s supposed to be after a bit change when carving stuff. If I’d just remember to write down my x and y offset from my endstops I’d probably be golden! I did make a z probe finally. Need to pick up a cheap set of shims from harbor freight so I can steal the thinnest blade for it still. I’m using a chunk of aluminum from an expansion port cover from the back of a computer right now. Soldered an alligator clip to the other wire and just clamp it to the bit and hit the z home button, works every time so far!

Yeah, the tool changes would be pretty cool to simplify.