220v spindle?

What rotary tool should I buy if i’m not living in the US?
Can’t find anything in the same price range as the dw660…

Nothing in that price range that I know of. I think you should go with a kress or aliexpress spindle.

Thanks for quick response!
I finally found a Makita rip-off named Katsu that I ordered… Link to amazone

too bad it doesn’t take 1/8" mills, but these 1/4 to 1/8" adapters might work!?
Seems kind of hard to find end mills on ebay for 1/4"

That is a pretty big router, it will stand off the machine pretty far reducing rigidity a bit, but other use it. The adapter is hit or miss if you bits don’t clamp tight enough or you router shakes/vibrates real bad you know you got a bad adapter.

This is the perfect router if you live near Germany / The Netherlands

I use a makita 3700, works great, except one thing. The blower of the spindle exits on the tool side and blows all dust away, need to get a working dustshoe. However, air cooling is not too bad for some materials :slight_smile: