2d printing / color depositing

Anyone here thinking about fitting an airbrush? How about a multi pen plotter tool?

I looked into the possibilities of inkjet printing, but it seems there is only the inkshield, which seems very limited.

I would like to be able to print t-shirts, large wall art, technical diagrams.

Also thinking of cabinet making, being able to route the panels and fixing holes, then airbrush the paint and perhaps a lacquer coat would be very cool.

Edit: further thoughts on this.

See this instructable. Contains some useful info about dye/paint, a diy airbrush idea in there.

It looks like the dye has crept beyond the boundary of the stencil, which in this case creates a nice effect. This got me thinking back to a batique demo I saw years ago. How about printing a thin plastic barrier around the stencil line?

I have found a better way to do t-shirts - t-shirt vinyl, which I did not know existed.

Maybe better to just cut this stuff with a drag knife than try to air brush fabric.

I’ll keep my ramblings to this thread…

This Kickstarter project is thought provoking - a kind of multi tool machine with the tools ready to go, minus the routing / milling capability.

Actually an interesting idea to make a cartesian robot and not claim it is rigid enough to route with. Looks like an expensive MPCNC!

It does mention something called a masking fluid, which I looked into, and it turns out for fabric you use something called a resist

However, there is a video on the Tooli page which shows that airbrushing with stencils can create sharp lines

I used to make shirts with that vinyl, it’s pretty easy.