3d model for Lowrider 2?


Is there a downloadable 3d model (for use in Fusion 360 or SketchUp) for the Low Rider 2? I’ve done my searching but can not find any. Would be nice to have!

/ Oskar

You can download the stls, but there’s nothing assembled.

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I just uploaded to 3D Warehouse my attempt at the LowRider. Hope it helps. I used the STL files to get the printed parts.

I can’t seem to get the link to be loaded properly, so just go to 3D Warehouse and search for “LowRider 2”.

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Wow! Thank you very much, this helped me in my table design. Just started a thread about it!

I tried to take down the model as I don’t any copyright issues with V1 Engineering, but there does not appear any that there is any way to do this, so I replaced it.

Hmmm. Ryan had plenty of opportunity to ask you to take it down and he didn’t. @vicious1, wdyt?

The person that asked for it has gotten it, so I really don’t care.