3d on a MPCNC?

Can you make a hot deck for printing,

12 by 24 inches, to make long parts?

Only about 2 inches tall at most.

What kind of quality will it produce?

Which board do I want to use an extruder with, when I get ready?

Thanks Spike

Finding something flat enough that stays flat under heat would be the issue. Also a way to heat it. I think you’d need two heater pads attached to the bottom of the plate, so a couple solid state relays powering 110v heater pads. Also print times would be measured in days for something that big. If you want to do this for mold making, it will take almost twice as long to make the form as milling one out of mdf. You have to fill all the layer lines with filler/primer first or they won’t release.


The full sized rambo will do it as long as you don’t set it up as a dual endstop machine.

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Not planning on printing molds, I don’t think if I did they would do well with 285 degree plastic sucked down on it??

I have a item I want to prototype 3d

I am sure the best option is to build in sections and glue together, or build it to connect. It is like 24 long, 2 by 2 profile.

Not even prospecting related.

Thanks for the input. It could be done I guess, with a bit of effort, just not sure worth that much effort.

Thanks Spike

If it’s a mechanical part, and doesn’t need a ton of detail, e3d makes a hot end that is 1.4mm in diameter. It goes through filament like a fat kid through icecream, but works better for large prints. If you print in pla, you wouldn’t need a heated bed.