3d Print Quality / Finish?

So, receiving my big box of fun from Ryan is the first time I have seen hard goods created by 3d printing. I am quite impressed and definitely have thoughts of a 3d head for my MPCNC one day here. Is it realistic to expect similar level of quality/finish from a MPCNC based printer? Some of the parts were lined/striped - presumably from the print process but some surfaces were super smooth. And the through-holes for the bolts etc - were those printed in or drilled out after?

For all these years I’ve only ever thought of 3d printing as making one piece things, never thought about making components to either build together or to work in unison with other materials like tube/wood etc. This machine is opening my mind to an unimaginable world of possibilities…

Yes, just slightly slower. I use my MPCNC for those production parts when it gets busy. Those are actually printed in a “low” resolution (higher strength), most have thinner layer lines.

I typically do not post process them at all, those are straight off a print bed.

Oh boy are you in for a ride now. If you have any kind of crafty talents a 3D printer can absolutely change your world. For some they never get used…

Thank you Kelly, for reminding me how much fun this stuff is.

I’m the king of tangents which makes a machine as versatile as this ridiculously dangerous. Do you know, with a MPCNC a person could conceivably design and 3d print components that integrate with milled and laser cut parts, which then package into a cleverly designed fold-and-tuck laser cut packaging of some sort which had already been decorated with the plotter function and some sharpies. And while we’re at it, let’s se a drag knife to cut some gold vinyl circles to seal the package closed with. All done on the MPCNC platform - a single machine even! (Did I miss anything there? ; )

You just wait and see the fun I’m going to have! Hahaha…

First project - mill something that can generate three more hours in each day. I’m sure this machine can do it…it does everything else!

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Yeah. It could also be delivered by a gigantic MPCNC built all around the earth.

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Dui, now I understand why you are trying to build such a large printer. To make larger printers. :slight_smile: