3D printed flat parts for V2 viable?

Has anyone 3D printed the flat parts for the Lowrider V2. If so, how did it work out? I am thinking I can get started this way and if necessary rout out new flat parts in mdf.

It’s been done, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Better way is to print out the dxf’s at full scale and use them as templates to drill out and cut out the parts with a jigsaw. Then use the cnc to make the final parts.

I 3D printed the flat parts and then used them as router templates because I didn’t trust I would get accurate enough parts with jigsaw and sanding.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I might try laser cutting them in 1/8" plywood and gluing together pieces to get the correct thickness. I have access to a glowforge at my companies makerspace.

Is the 3D printed “Y” Plate and 611 plate using PLA not strong enough and would deflect under load?


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Probably not. It might last long enough to cut out the correct parts in plywood though. You could also just print them say, 5 or 6 layers thick with a really sparse infill, and use them as a template over plywood. Then drill the holes and follow the outline with a jigsaw.

I’ve been debating the same thing for my build – I was thinking about using a bandsaw, but want it to be precise. I have a small laser cutter but it can’t handle 1/2" cutting – the idea of laser cutting 1/8" plywood or hardboard and gluing is really interesting and I hadn’t thought about that. If you go that route it would be great to know how it works.

The only part that really needs to be precise is the drilled holes. If you can get them right, the rest just needs to be close. Then you can mill out the proper parts after you build your machine.

I 3D printed the flat parts. The flat part that the router goes on I think I printed with double the thickness, so I think 0.25", and it worked fine for a few cuts. Then I cut the part out of wood and replaced it. The 3D printed sides are still on my LowRider and haven’t shown any signs of breaking after running it 20+ times. If you’re going to 3D print them then you can use my design if you want. Cut spares out of wood when you have the CNC running, just in case.