5-gallon Thien Baffle

As usual, I have more projects going on than I have time. I just finished on that I’ve been working on off and on for a few weeks.

My shopvac is getting old and it’s suction isn’t as good as it used to be. I thought it might be the filter, so I got a new one and decided that a new clean filter deserved to have a baffle in front of it. Thus begins the dilemma… I need the shop vac for sucking up saw dust from the CNC, but I designed the baffle to be cut on the CNC…

At the end of the day, I decided I could just use air to spray off the new filter after cutting the parts on the CNC.

The baffle itself worked quite well, but the suction on the shopvac still stinks. Looks like I’ll be saving some pennies for a real dust collector. I really do produce too much saw dust to be trying to use a shopvac for it.

[attachment file=44458]


Sweet project but that shopvac looks to be over the hill. I have a small little guy and it is still working pretty well but not too long ago I actually had to take it apart pretty far and get some crud out from the bowels of the beast to get it back to tip top. Maybe that’s the case for you, if it’s spinning it still should work.

I really like the video style on that one, can’t wait for more.

The shop vac is one of those that lowe’s sold for a while that could be converted from a shop vac to a blower by pulling the motor off. I really thing it’s more of a poor design then anything else.