500W laser?

Has anyone tried putting a fiber laser like This on an mpcnc?

Well, that sure is interesting. Are there other laser projects that use this kind of laser? I wonder how tough that fiber optic line is. Or what other pros/cons for something like that.

I don’t know of any diy machines that use it but a lot of laser engravers are starting to use them. They last longer, run cooler, have much higher power output (its easy to find 3kw fiber lasers) only downside I have heard of is the price tag.

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$500 dollars is a steal. What else does it need, just the focusing head? What would a total price for that come out to?

That would be ideal for these builds, and way less work that a co2 and all those exposed mirrors and alignment issues.


Yeah. It is very tempting. $500 is a lot of money, but to have a powerful laser build with almost any mechanical system I want is very appealing. I would hang it from the ceiling and attach it to my LR.


Yeah it would require the optics head. That would cost another 200-ish… so about 700 total.

Edit: I forgot you would also need a water pump for cooling.

I also found a “repaired” 500-3000w fiber for only 90! But I’m concerned that is just to much power for what I want.

:astonished: I have never heard of such a thing.


Yeah they make some POWERFUL fiber lasers… I think I heard they made a 30kw one a while back… not sure who needs a 30kw laser🤷

But lots of factories use ones in the 1-3kw range for cutting thick steel plate

Maybe they will make a smaller one for a bit less someday.

Yeah. I was thinking up high on a wall. May as well be the ceiling. Keep the line from having to bend too much?

So, when you say NEED


Well its not smaller but if you want to hang it try this one:


That is just so much laser…

I know right but I can’t seem to find any in the couple hundred wat range :confused:

Well, who’s gonna be first?

I’m not sure… I want to give it a try but not sure I have the funds for the optics

I’m still 9 months out on my new house and no room for the stuff I’ve already got. I just saw that fiber lasers can cut steel and aluminum, so it would be an easy sell for the wife…just gotta get the rest of my life together.


Does anyone know enough about these to be sure we are getting the right thing, or are we just gambling? This could be a write off…I mean price compared to a plasma cutter, similar performance break even point?

Way less public info about these compared to co2.

I would be interested very interested if I could get better information and closer to a total

I guess it depends on what you mean by the “right thing” if you want to just cut plate steel your probably better with a plasma cutter. The nice thing about these is that they can do etching as well. I know enough to know that, at least the high power fiber lasers, still need cooling at the head, and a helper Gas (nitrogen preferred). Not sure about the price comparison of this vs. Plasma cutter. I do belive the laser can make a much cleaner cut. I also am fairly sure the laser will run faster (most industrial fiber cutters use 1-3kw)… I also know they are SUPER dangerous. Not just because of the power but the specific wavelength fiber lasers run at is especially damaging to the human eye, so the user must be protected from even ambient light exposure.