525 Vs - Burly Vs ? - MPCNC Version Names

Hey guys! I just bought a dedicated router for my MPCNC. Before heading to town to pick it up I printed what I thought was the tool mount for it. When I tried to attach it to my machine I found that it didn’t fit. After rereading the info on the thingiverse page I saw that it was not suitable for the “525” version of the MPCNC.

So my question is - what are the version names of the MPCNC? I was halfway through printing my machine when the burly parts appeared on the site. I am assuming I have the 525 version, and the new version is called the “Burly” and before both of these existed some OG MPCNC. Does that sound right?


Tool Mount I Printed

What I Assume is the Correct One

Tool I Bought



The one you printed is from 2015, and does not work anymore. The one you linked as the correct one should work As I tried to keep the mounts the same between 525 and burly, but Burly is the current version.

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Wonderful. Thanks for your help and for sharing this awesome machine!

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