65mm spindle tool attachment ?

I’m looking for an STL to be able to mount a 65mm spindle to the standard tool holder of the MPCNC…

does anyone know where I can find this?

Thanks in advance.

You can play with http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1675166
It’s for OpenSCAD.

Thanks I tried this in openscad… I was able to modify the diameter of the tool holder however when doing that, it makes it so that I wouldn’t be able to slide the bolts through because the diameter of 65mm is larger the mounting area, so the bolt holes have only a slight gap , not nearly enough to get the bolt through. I’m not sure how to go about modifying that further. There seems to be a second stl in that thingiverse item that has the bolt holes above the tool mount itself however there is no scad file to work with on that one.

Any other ideas? I really appreciate the help

There is the ‘to_proposed’ parameter which moves the spindle farther of the mount which gives more room for the bolt. By the way I think it’s better to put a nut not the bolt on the front and have the bolt from the back. It won’t require much room.
And one more important parameter is ‘tool_coverage’. Set it to .15 and the ‘neck’ of the spindle mount will be narrower.
See attached my tries to produce the mount for you.

Another option is to use zip ties. :slight_smile:

Oh… .scad and .stl files are not allowed to attach. I’ve put them in archive.

65mm_mount.zip (18.2 KB)

oh excellent! im going to try printing it now… thank you so much for your help

I got one of them printed and the fit seems like it will work… I will just have to reverse the bolt and nut sides.

Printing the second one now and will hopefully get it mounted up and try cutting tomorrow!

thanks again for your time it’s greatly appreciated.