A couple more resin signs

I’ve not made much recently because I had to dissassemble my MPCNC, with all the fears that I’d never work out how to put it all back together again. Strangely though, and I did completely disassemble it, I found it rather satisfying. I gave it a good clean as well, and made the wiring a little more robust.

The first sign was a commission for a retirement, the second something I’m offering to a local woodshop (the section dealing with a specific wood has a sign made from that specific wood so you can recognise the grain).

Same MO as before. Cut to 3mm depth (endmill for the majority, 30° V Bit for the finish), then through the thicknesser to remove the top 1mm and most of the bleed.

What was most interesting about this move was that I’ve discovered my machine is quieter than before, even though it has no enclosure! My enclosure was made from mdf and really about dust control, but I feel like it was resonanting somehow. Things are quieter in the shed now!
@vicious1 I couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing machine. It’s just fantastic where it’s taken me.


A hollow box will tend to have a bass-speaker effect and can cause the machine to sound loud.

I only used 1/4" plywood for my enclosure, but I then glued 1.5" pink foam on the insides of the panels. The different material types help to stop different frequencies.

You can delve into the black-hole that is home-theater sound deadening to get a lot of good ideas on how to make machines quieter.

Your signs look great by the way!


Harbor Freight has cheap moving blankets that you can drape over the box, should help, not very pricey


Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy seeing all the projects that get made with them. Best thank you cards ever!


I can’t believe I didn’t think about this while assembling it! Maybe subconsciously I was hoping for the effect you describe, because I love bass.

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