A couple of gears

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Second and third cut on the machine, still super impressed with what it’s capable of doing.

Here’s where I’m headed:



Part of the reason I built mine was to make a wooden clock. I still haven’t even started that project yet.

Love gears (and cams), no idea why but I do.

Because they are the hidden thing that made the world go round!

Nice work. Is there a place to download gears to cut already drawn? I’m still learning my 3D printer, MPCNC, and don’t know how to draw the designs yet. Thanks/Tim


Darin G,

Where would we get plans for the Scimitar Ticker?


Tim Ross,

Maybe this site would work: https://geargenerator.com I havn’t used it yet.

I think a 36" diameter clock with all plywood wheels would make me very happy. How do I convince the other people who live in my house?

Are there clock designs out there that are pretty robust? I don’t mind adding a wire or a motor as a shortcut.

Darn. When will I have time for this?

A clock is a distant project for me but man would it be awesome to do!

Here’s a link to the scimitar files, lots of interesting stuff on those forums as well: