A couple of gears

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Second and third cut on the machine, still super impressed with what it’s capable of doing.

Here’s where I’m headed:



Part of the reason I built mine was to make a wooden clock. I still haven’t even started that project yet.

Love gears (and cams), no idea why but I do.

Because they are the hidden thing that made the world go round!

Nice work. Is there a place to download gears to cut already drawn? I’m still learning my 3D printer, MPCNC, and don’t know how to draw the designs yet. Thanks/Tim


Darin G,

Where would we get plans for the Scimitar Ticker?


Tim Ross,

Maybe this site would work: https://geargenerator.com I havn’t used it yet.

I think a 36" diameter clock with all plywood wheels would make me very happy. How do I convince the other people who live in my house?

Are there clock designs out there that are pretty robust? I don’t mind adding a wire or a motor as a shortcut.

Darn. When will I have time for this?

A clock is a distant project for me but man would it be awesome to do!

Here’s a link to the scimitar files, lots of interesting stuff on those forums as well:





@trosslv I realize I’m late to the party here but Mathias Wandel wrote a pretty good gear generator program. Everything he does is pretty related to woodworking without cnc so since most of it is pretty easy to do on a bandsaw it would be no problem at all on MPCNC. You aren’t exactly drawing the gears, just need to know how many teeth and diameter and such that you want and you can generate it.