A interesting New project MPCNC TO MP3DP

Help needed!!! Hi just wondering if anyone can help, I saw a remix for the MPCNC by Ashraf Rizk aka dude9001. I am wanting to print the newer MPCNC and use some of his 3d files to make a really cheap 3d printer, however his hole sizes are 23.5mm, pretty much impossible to get in the UK, so i need to resize the lower4.obj file https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1337765/#files and the extruder mount https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1500668 to 25MM.

My thing is electronics so if any great designer out there can help, id be much appreciated.

Im hoping with these files redone and a simple ramp 1.4 MOD iv come up with, to have a under £200 large dual extruder printer, heres how to modify the ramp 1.4 to turn the cnc into a 3d printer. One driver is piggy backing the drive signals off another driver. the slave has a separate motor power supply and has the “A1 & A2” swapped to allow for opposing motors travelling in the same direction.

Most people do not do dual extrusion in that way anymore. Prusa has come up with a mixing bowden for marlin firmware.

It is also beneficial to use the new way due to less moving mass. Prusa’s system is a mixing bowden and he uses it for up to 4 colors at once.

If you use a bowden no need to use old parts, and depending on your z axis length you should be fine no matter what.

I’m not really sure why you want to do that with your extruder drivers, the ramps has an extra port and there are also 4 port breakout boards available.

the Extruders will be separate using a slot on the ramps 1.4 each. The x and y axis are the only ones going to have a extra driver stacked on top. To allow for 2 motors on the X and two motors on the Y. this enables it to run off any 3d printer software. so 7 motors, 2 y (withmod), 2 x (withmod) , 1 z , 2 extruders.

Why the extra driver ? Running 2 motors in series seems to work fine ? I can’t see any advantage.

sorry about this, mistake on my part, i am using a bowden type extruder, should of made that clearer. I guess i could do it like that. but i do like the idea of the 12v and having two drivers share the work. Running cooler and hopefully smoother. Also each driver can make use of its maximum current rating. two extra drivers cost me a quid. anyways im sure theres afew ways of doing it, mines just another way to do it.

I saw this double driver thing before. I like it, but I worry about the heat on the bottom one. I feel like it should be better than series or parallel, but I have no evidence for that conclusion.

In series you still get max current with only one driver. I feel the steppers actually run smoother in series.
But of course there is no problem adding another driver, I’m sure it will work.
Just saying I don’t think it will be better than series.
I would be happy to fix up that extruder mount for you, but I’m currently on vacation for the next couple weeks.

Hi thanks for the advice back, all of you, and yer that would be great :). Well i also liked the 12v supply as you can go to any tip,dump and rip one out of a old desktop computer,

Im also currently in the process of coming up with a prototype of a solar / mains battery charger, been looking at the stuff i have in a box, so its not going to be pretty. looked online,found a few circuit’s. I have a small 10w solar panel, as i know it can’t run fully off solar. But i like the idea of some free power. Also iv got a cheap laptop charger 18v 3a, this will be the main side. When theirs low voltage on the panel. this is what will charge the battery thu the charge controller,When theirs enough sun on the panel, the relay will trigger, diverting power into the charge controller. The controller has all the built in protection, so it will stop charging when the battery is full. The printers power supply will be connected across the battery.

Fingers crossed it wont blow up.