A music video for a friends kickstarter

With a timelapse on a canon 7D and 15mm fisheye
LR timelapse and light room
Rob 3d r1 auto level

This is a stand for a small synthesizer my friend launched on kickstarter.

Perfect music, wrong machine.

Hahah, looks good. I need to spend some video editing time. What software would you recommend?

you don’t like the robo? I really love mine. I just put a volcano on it and it works great.

I use adobe premiere for video, Light room for changing the look of the pictures (you can apply effects to a bunch of images at once), and LR timelapse (it automatically balances the photos despite changes in light).

Like my Robo enough to have 2 of them.

Hmmmm, Adobe I’ll have a look.


nice setup


the kickstarter page

I designed this for the robo3d http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1163130

It is a mount for a js4000. I must say it works quite well and the js4000 is like a gopro but affordable. It is also much easier than a 7lb camera and a tripod and a timlapse controller. It mounts directly to the bed with no screws so it is easy to add on.

it also has wifi which is useless because you cant actually download large files to your computer from it. It just works with smartphone to upload to instagram and whatnot.

I plan on getting a couple js4000 for my cnc. I think I’ll be able to make some great timelapses with it. With the holidays coming up everyone is getting something carved from wood.