A new member of the MPCNC getting near completion

After a long time printing and doing other stuff, I managed to get my MPCNC assembled… Just the electronic part is yet to be done… But that ain’t the hardest part :slight_smile:
I must complement Viscious on this design… I absolutely love it. Especially the big bulk of Z-assembly is one hack of a design!!
Not the biggest, but a size that I can afford in my room.
This one will be used for drone frame cutting, 3d printer frames etc… and hopefully some laser imaging, as long as I can be creative I will use it :slight_smile:

Images to prove !

Nice is that stainless?

I just got some new bits in the mail, If you don’t already have a cutter for you carbon fiber I think I have the one you want. 1/8" though is that too big for your screw holes? I’ll see if I can get some 1/16"

I have been wanting to do a carbon fiber routing video because I get asked about it a lot. Could you suggest a source for the most commonly used stuff for quad/drone frames?

Cheapest place for carbon is Ebay or hobbyking.
Get tough bits because carbon milling eats bits because its so abrasive.

These look pretty serious.

Yes Vicious, it is stainless… looks real nice and runs smooth!

For the drones we always tend to order parts at banggood or surveilzone.com, I know that delivery takes more time but the prices are better and shippingcosts are low.
The only problem is that you need to plan ahead and order some spares :slight_smile:

Keep me posted on the bits! I haven’t ordered anything in that direction as I need to test the MPCNC first before I start cutting up the expensive carbon. I want to make sure all is straight and working as I want. Also I have experience in 3D printing but none in CNC machines… So I have a bit of a learning curve. Therefor I will start of with some drawings and wood milling before I am confident enough. But even then I will do test runs with G10 material and test the design in a real build and flight… If that all works out only then I would cut it from the full carbon sheet. And yep it is really expensive… I would like to test the durability of G10 too. as it looks it can take a beating too!