A4988 Driver High Vref

I’m sure this is a silly question but I’m concerned about the voltage on my stepper drivers. My steppers are rated for 2A, which is the max current for my a4988 drivers. I’m concerned at running at these currents with just a small cooling fan. and small heat sinks so I set Vref to .8V, which seems to drive the stepper just fine. Will this lower the motor torque? If so, how can I safely up Vref?
Thanks in advance!

That should be fine. You don’t want the motors to get over about 50C, or they could deform their mounts. You also don’t want to overheat the drivers or they will take a break without telling you, and ruin a job. 0.8V should be enough. If you find you are skipping steps at that current, you’ve probably got something else wrong.

Ok. Thanks for the insight!