Accidentally purchased 42 N-cm steppers, am I ok?

So I bought my steppers a while ago for my MPCNC build and the ebay listing had them at 84 oz-in. Well, come to find out as I opened them up and put them on my machine that they are actually 42 N-cm and .9 amp (I know I am switching units here). My MPCNC working area is slightly larger than 3’ by 2’. Are these going to be sufficient or should I buy new steppers? I haven’t tried it yet but don’t want to mess anything up, since if they are underpowered I could just make another 3d printer :slight_smile:

What do you plan on doing with your machine?

42 should actually be fine, but take it slow, the slower you move the more powerful they are (so slower deeper cuts if you are milling), and make sure you wire them in series. If you bought it all elsewhere you will need to do this by hand, I have a wiring kit if you can’t figure it out.

Thanks, I am mostly planning on just cutting wood. I will make sure to do the wiring in series. Since they are .9 amp I set the vref on my drivers at .42 volts. If I am wiring in series and running the two should I set the vref to double, say .8?

Nope, series stays the same, parallel is the one that doubles.

You should be good to go.

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