Acrylic and Fusion 360

This the right forum? Looking for help with setting more than troubleshooting the MPCNC…

Would like to cut 10mm acrylic with a 1/4" endmill (flat 2 flute). I have seen posts here that discuss “stepover, step length, width, and oscillation” @barry99705 however I either don’t understand what the percentages mentioned are derived from or don’t see these settings in Fusion 360.

Can someone help me with a basic set of settings that I can use for a 2D contour? I am using MM by the way.

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I have no idea how fusion does cam, I don’t use it for that.

Thanks for the reply. I was only referencing what you said in the thread to clarify my question to others.

Hopefully someone here has experience cutting acrylic using Fusion 360…

Those were my trochodial settings. Fusion 360 calls that adaptive milling.

After surfacing the spoil board and removing the dust shoe, the 3mm acrylic is still lifting and I am not sure what is causing an issue.

here is a video of the carnage… (Acrylic destruction - YouTube)

Superglue and painter’s tape trick should fix that.