Adding a spindle to the MPCNC

I have tried to look and I have found not much on adding a spindle to the MPCNC how it attaches (quickly looked through a few places and pulled a search and got nothing of the sort)

Surely adding a spindle and making a spindle mount and the basic process is covered in the instructions and I am just not seeing right?

What specifically are you looking for?

I have blank mount linked if you need to make something special, most people that make a special one add it to Thingiverse, so it has mounts for most everything already.

Where is the blank linked? I want to make my own, for a Dewalt also how will modify the software to account for the size of the router? ( 5in diameter router has a different spot for the center point of the bit that a 2.5 diameter or is all this factored out when you go to set a origin point when you start to cnc a piece?)

half way down


Does not matter.

0,0 is wherever the spindle is at when power is turned on. Have you ran the crown test yet?

No I havent yet thought I know I need to. I had a hunch that would need to design the router holder myself but wanted to be sure. I now I think I am gonna make a router holder with a sharpie holder piece.