Advice of which laser to get

I’m looking for advice on what laser head system to purchase for my MPCNC to do basic laser engraving of images/text on wood and maybe other materials as well as to cut thinner materials (wood [1/8" to 3/16"], card stock, leather, acrylics, etc.). I want a “turn key” solution that will require the least amount of DIYing to be up and running.

Any advice??


Jtech photonics is probably the closest you can get to a turnkey solution. Any laser, even theirs will require some connections and basic understanding of your firmware.Anyone that has built their mpcnc or 3d printer should be capable of this though.

I’m not sure what their latest diode offerings are but I’d recommend 2.8w at minimum for your intended use.

I should also mention that you’d be surprised at how little difference there actually is between diy and jtech. Both require the electrical connections between driver, fan, and Ramps board. Both require selection and mounting of the laser and fan in a housing that you’ll need to provide. The main difference in the diy approach requires that you tune the laser driver and that can be intimidating for some but really isn’t difficult.Like most project decisions it all comes down to time versus money and which you have to spare.

Leo69- thanks or your insight! The Jtech looks like a good solution for what we’re looking to do. I’m comfortable with the various connections and printing a housing. Just don’t have the time/gumption to deal with the driver tuning, etc.

I recommend Jtech. They’ve got safety shields and goggles too if you need. My first order had a faulty laser diode, but they shipped me a new one no charge straight away. I 3D printed my own mount for my 3D printer. It’s been a lot of fun. You won’t be able to cut very thick materials with these types of diodes. At least nothing like you can with the larger 40+ watt gas lasers.