All work and no play...

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I’ve updated my test pattern generator ( so now anyone can convert text into toolpaths with my traced version of the OCR-B font. Unfortunately it does require a firmware update: you have to enable G5 splines in Marlin (one line update in Configuration_adv.h). This is required because it’s a (relatively) simple conversion from SVG splines to g-code splines, whereas trying to resample SVG splines into segments or arcs is much more difficult.

The test pattern generator only converts text into toolpaths, and for converting images into text, I’m afraid you’re on your own for now.


Love it! Did I mention I love it! looks like I need to try that out and hang it on the wall. Reminds me of the Simpsons intro.

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Very cool!

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What a Shining example of what you can do. Very creative.

There are image to ascii programs. They may not be perfect, but if someone wants to give your text to gcode a whirl, they would save some time.

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