Almost 2 years later

And I wonder if did not start this project even earlier !
Well, tooks me time, no mill/draw/cut done yet but it works!
Of course it’s still a Burly, I first want to use it for real and then I’ll update it (especially feet and belt tensionner)
Rambo 1.4 with dual stop, I took and customized some idea from here and there.
It now need some feet, I choose alu frame to be able to make it swing-able and be able to make it less space consumming when not in used.


Do not fasten the screws too much as you already broke parts, just snug fit.

Right, actually I’ broke parts while moving the frame but too lazy to take more things apart

Only two years? I have electronics that are two years old, still new in bag! Need to drag the table inside and actually start building the damned thing…

For the record, I had to reprint parts because the Burly came out…

You really should. At least to the point where you can draw a crown and hang it on the fridge.