Alternativa Placa Rambo 1.4

Buenas, llevo tiempo montando mi mpcnc, me falta la electrónica y los motores, las veces que he mirado en la pagina v1 para comprarlos, la placa rambo 1.4 esta agotada, como llevo mucho tiempo con esto, me gustaría terminarlo cuanto antes, y escribo aquí para si alguien me pudiera indicar si hay alguna alternativa a la placa de v1, si alguien sabe donde pedir alguna placa que se pueda instalar en el mpcncn para 5 motores.
muchas gracias

The easiest solution is to purchase a board from V1 since the firmware will already be setup for both the board and the drivers. V1 currently has the SKR Pro 1.2 in stock..

The next easiest is to purchase one of the boards that V1 maintains a version of the Marlin firmware for. You can find that firmware here. You will have to flash the firmware for these boards, and you may have to make minor changes to the firmware for flashing. For example, the drivers that come with your board might not match the drivers defined in the maintained firmware.

The list of at least 5-driver boards that V1 maintains firmware for:

  • Achim 1.0
  • Achim 2.0
  • Rambo 1.4
  • Ramps 1.4
  • Skr 1.3
  • SkrPro 1.2

Several of these boards are available from my local Amazon (including the Rambo 1.4 for more money that Ryan charges). They all have their positives and negatives. For example the Ramps 1.4 boards are cheap but tend to be delicate.

The archims are giving us new trouble. These may not get updates from us if we can’t fix the current round of issues. The v508 does work on them though.

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Muchas gracias a los dos, mirare la placa skr.
Un saludo