Alternative to Repetition Host.

Could anyone tell me if there are any good alternative controller software for my Cnc, I use Mini rambo

Anything that controls Marlin/3d printers. Ultimate gcode sender is popular. The nightly build has a great visualizer too.

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I use pronterface, but not for cnc. What’s wrong with RH?

how do you get the Ultimate gcode sender to run with marlin?

You know what? I’m sorry, I think they dropped support for marlin. I remember using it to send g code to my 3d printer in the early days, I apologize.

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I had problems with Com ports under Windows with RH.

well that’s more a Windows problem than a RH problem, but you know what, people stay with the shitty Windows and drop RH.

I now use the V1 raspberry thing and that’s just fine.

Do my thing on Estlcam, send it to CNC.js on my PC, then just go to the machine, do the homing on the mobile and start the file which runs CNC.js too.

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